Our new Catholic app “Rosary Gems” for iPhone now available in App Store

Our new Catholic Rosary app, “Rosary Gems” is now available in the App Store. The first of a series of Catholic apps, “Rosary Gems” is focused on elegance, beauty, and ease of use:

iPhone Rosary "Rosary Gems" app icon

iPhone Rosary "Rosary Gems"

  • Beautiful, gently glowing gems that light up as you progress
  • No settings or configurations
  • One finger control allows you to keep your eyes shut
  • Hold your iPhone with one hand, and advance with a simple click
  • Find where you are in the Rosary with a simple glance if you need to
  • Easy one-button access to the Prayers that always shows the right Prayer
  • Easy one-button access to the Mysteries of the Rosary
  • Easy one-button access to the Promises of the Rosary
  • No pervasive art
  • A subtle, gently glowing interface that doesn’t shine too brightly
  • Easy to go backwards, or to any place in the Rosary in one click
  • Encourages memorization of the Mysteries and Prayers

Try “Rosary Gems” at the App Store if you want a simple, elegant, digital Rosary to help you pray when you are on the go or at home!

Check out some screenshots of “Rosary Gems”.

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